About Us

Beginning in 1969, Dale and Jim Keller laid the groundwork for what would become the Keller Construction of today. First incorporated in 1972 as Keller Excavating, the company quickly grew into a multifaceted corporation covering virtually all aspects of heavy construction from heavy highway, road, and bridge construction to utility construction, demolition and earthwork. Their experience also extends to commercial and industrial site development and private residential subdivision development. Currently there are several companies that fall under the Keller umbrella. Keller Construction is the primary company with Keller Truck Service and Keller Excavating existing mainly as support companies.

Today, the Keller family of companies employs over one hundred full time regular skilled craftsmen and personnel, including carpenters, pipefitters, operators, laborers, cement masons, teamsters, superintendants, safety supervisors, project managers, estimators and office support personnel.